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Inbox Zero

One of the approaches towards Communications Management is to adopt an Inbox Zero approach. While it can be hard to achieve, but it is easier to manage and puts less strain on your brain; knowing that you are done with your email for the rest of the day.

I am already aware of the 6-12-6 email checking approach. There, you can check your email once in the morning, then at 12 PM in the noon; and finally at 6 PM in the evening. This will keep you targeted and help focus on the main agenda of the day. 

However, the Inbox Zero approach seems more efficient and apparently, if we can combine the two approaches, it will not only decrease the amount of time spent in Communications management, but also help maintain focus on the daily agenda.  

You can take the average email inbox – even a relatively neglected one – from full to zero in about 20 minutes. – Merlin Mann