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[Book Review] A People's History of the United States

An eye opener book to read.

American History
Reading Status
Start: 2021 & End: 2021

Unlike the official narrative of the discovery of Americas and the later achievements in the American region, this books narrates the people’s view of the events. The writer shows the other side of the mirror which is dark and gloomy. When you are just concerned with the shiny side of the mirror, you are a Consumer only. This book will take you on a journey to show you how that mirror was developed by the makers. 

Well, I listened to the audio book version only; though unabridged. It helped me to quickly get over the emotions as the narrator did not stop reading (howsoever emotional the content be). If I were to read a printed version of this book, it would have been really tough for me to go through all the gloomy details while simultaneously imagining the scenarios in my mind. It is a really great book, all in all! 

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