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X2CRM - Open source CRM Software By X2Engine | ROIGap
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Our X2 Expertise

End to End X2CRM Customization & Development Services.

X2CRM provides all the powerful CRM features that small to medium businesses can utilize to increase their return on investments and improve their customer relations. X2CRM is a fast, modern and compact CRM system that help organizations meet their business goals in today’s disruptive and constantly changing environment.

At ROIGap, we have always a liking for opensource softwares. Since its inception, X2CRM has had an opensource community for its free version. Now, all the premium X2CRM features have been open sourced. With this, the X2CRM community is now growing faster. For the past 3 years, we are actively participating & contributing to the X2CRM development and customization requirements of clients from around the world.


X2CRM Customization & Integration

Our software engineers at ROIGap have extensive experience in X2CRM Customization and integration with 3rd party applications and add-ons. We create a personalized experience and a customized CRM that fits your business model and integrates with your sales workflows and processes.

Not only an in-office solution, with the latest X2CRM mobile interface, you can interact with your customers while you are on a business trip.

The UI/UX for X2CRM is second to none in the opensource CRM industry.

If you have chosen X2Engine as you CRM solution, we can help you add value to your customer relations by creating automated workflows using out of-the-box features provided with X2CRM. We have created highly productive plugins and modules on top of X2CRM that not only increase the productivity of the CRM application but also make everyday CR tasks a breeze.


Besides providing X2CRM custom development services, at ROIGap, our business analysts and solution architects can also guide you to learn how you can boost your return on investment with X2CRM.

X2CRM Custom Development & Training 

ROIGap provides custom development services in X2CRM on top of Yii framework. Our team has delivered numerous customized X2CRM applications and modules globally. We also provide X2Engine training programmes that can help you leverage your skills and knowledge about the best practices in X2CRM.

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