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Celluloid Psych - Psychology Website Developed in Adobe Coldfusion
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Celluloid Psych

Coldfusion, MSSQL Server, ROI Estimation, Website Development
adobe coldfusion development, Cognitive Website Development, Human Psychology Website, MSSQL Development, ROI Estimation for website
About This Project

Have you heard someone say that a story bothered or affected them deeply, but they didn’t know why? Is presentation of one style of life subtly prejudiced toward another? Can you explain why people are drawn to fictional stories, why that art or music compelled a social movement, why that video game is addicting, or why that ad made people run out and buy? Have you noted media bias or attempts to influence points of view? Celluloid Psych is the answer to your questions!

Every aspect of psychology in portrayed in the media. So whatever your specialty, CPSY is your opportunity to analyze the media equivalent to help people gain deeper understanding of themselves and others, and how the media—locally and around the world—influence individual and social psychology.

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